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Udfine Watch Starry:Your Best Partner in Life

31 Jul 2023
Udfine Watch Starry:Your Best Partner in Life

External Appearance

The screen size of the Udfine Watch Starry is 1.8″inch and is made of panda glass, which is good for preventing impacts as well as preventing scratches. The screen of the watch is clear and has a resolution of 316 PPI, which is perfect for both working in the office and working out in the gym.

In terms of dial options, there are over 200 dials to choose from and you can also customize your own unique dial. The watch comes in two colors, black and pink, which can meet the aesthetic needs of different groups.

Top Choice for Fitness Enthusiasts

Udfine Watch Starry supports more than 100 exercise modes, including running, walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, elliptical machine and so on, and supports automatic recognition of some exercise modes. In addition, the waterproof rating of 5 ATM means that the diving depth can reach up to 50 meters, which is the best choice for diving enthusiasts. Whether you’re obsessed with the gym or just interested in getting a little healthier, Udfine Watch Starry has become an invaluable accessory.

Comprehensive Health Care

With Udfine Watch Starry, you can monitor your heart rate and blood pressure as well as stress at any time. Appropriate stress helps to concentrate on problem solving and improve the efficiency of work and study. However, too much stress can cause physical and mental suffering and affect long-term health. Therefore, helping users to effectively regulate stress is very helpful to their physical and mental health.


Caring Around the Clock

At night, Starry also keeps an eye on the user’s sleep quality. By analyzing the length of wakefulness, REM, light sleep and deep sleep, it can derive the sleep quality of the previous night and give suggestions to improve the sleep quality. In addition, you can also experience the sleep habit formation service on the app, with health experts proposing the solution of “21 days to improve the sleep pattern”, providing users with “sleep reminder, sleep analysis” and other functions to help users develop punctual and efficient sleep habits.

The User Experience

"The watch looks great, has two straps to match different outfits. What a great fashion accessory!"

"The sleep assist feature has allowed me to develop good sleep habits and not get sleepy at work. And the indoor-outdoor sports mode also gives me the ultimate sports experience."

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